Sunday, January 3, 2010

~ Apathetic 2009 ~

Help me !!

I cant sleep, sometimes I sleep too much
Nothing interest me, I feel hopeless and helpless
I lost my appetite, but I cant stop eating
I have thoughts that life is not worth living

I hope 2010 will not be the same


sAn said...

all the best in 2010~

Random Acts of Thinking said...

...there is something, deep inside you, you need to figure out, a looming question, issue...something you haven't come to grips figure out what it is, and then accept and be ok with it (or closure, justice...whatever fits)...then, JUST BE AND REJECT DRAMA...then I assure you'll have a 'figured out 2010' if you do...what could be better? best luck :)

Anonymous said...

most of the time people can't sleep because of the issues that they still carry with them by the time they lay to rest. Try to find a way to finish those issues before you go to sleep. Yes it is going to be hard but it will help. What helps me calm down is sleep tea. Best of luck!