Thursday, September 24, 2009

~ A Family is this... ~

Family, where love is shown, sorrow is shared. Needless to say, family relationships always come first and it sounds pretty much like common sense. But it doesnt always work that way .

I questioned myself.

What did I do for my family?
Have I taken my responsibility?
Did I apologize?
Am I honest?

Sadly, no no no no!! I never do anything for my family.
If I can see and feel inside my family, I will never do that.
Sorry for having everything but giving nothing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~ My pleasure is the cheapest ~

Everyone cheers for the last minute winning goal
But dun expect me to present for the last minute invitation

Sunday, September 13, 2009

~ Supernatural ~

Many people have come to me over years, half of them are willingly, most not under sedation. So, why do these people come to me? They have problems. They always say, "Garlic, I have problem, chronic depression." Wow, that sure sounds serious.

Look, I am not a bona fide doctor. I do not look like a doctor even with a medical gown or hand with scalpel. What can I help them? They said, your head is plum full of amusing anecdotes, inspiration speeches and loads of stuff that will get us stop having problems. You just have to make us laugh. =.= Does this sound like a compliment? HoHo!! I admitted and accepted, that I was a joker.

Ready to get started laughing? Okay, then.

This happened last friday. I heard this very accidentally when i was having my dinner.

" WTF, this nasi goreng is extremely hot and peppery. It is burning my tongue." Shouted A.
" Yea, this maggi goreng 'stings' my eyes, look at me. " Replied B with teardrops gather at his eyes.

" Oops.. My stomach will pain after such a meal. And, its having riot now. Its near my 屁股头. I cant stand on it anymore, its at my 屁股头. I have to go, bye." Without hesitation, he left his nasi goreng and rushed to the toilet.

I started to think. What is 屁股头? After recalling what he said attentively and carefully, i got the answer.

finger=手指头, nipple=乳头, glans=龟头, anus=屁股头?

I cant stop laughing and I started to count what 头s do i have LOL
Thanks to google translator for translating those 头 for me

Anyway, have i delighted you all enough?
I guess this is my supernatural =)