Friday, April 24, 2009

~ to LEAVE or to STAY ~

Between going and staying

If I choose to leave
You will be in such pain as watching me leaving, walking away
I know you hate goodbye

But I was not destined to go far
So I hope you know how lucky you are

No goodbye, Yes cibai @@


Anonymous said...

Yes! i hate to say goodbye to everyone,with you as the exceptional case...
i want to tell you how much i miss you,
without you,i dun have to sweep and mop the floor as often i did
without you,i can't see any funny funny things rolling on the floor

No Cibai, Yes goodbye @@

Anonymous said...


Quek said...


apa pie?

don leave la....

ma de.

Anonymous said...

y muz end it wit rude words=.=
wat meaning of yes cibai?

Fevernut said...

WHY you like that!!!!