Friday, November 28, 2008

~ The Dreadful Nightmare ~

It is a typical night in a typical room. And i am doing what I typical do. SLEEP.

An hour later, SHE replied me, "My boyfriend and I are getting back together."
"What's wrong?" A fist seemed to hit my broken heart. "I thought that was over, you said you are single." I replied feverishly.
"He says he loves me and I think I love him too."
I could find nothing to say.
"I am sorry."
I had never in my life felt so hurt, i felt the most intense pain, and I thought that I would never recover from it.

SHE is a benevolent, aristocratic girl. I crave for her love, and..
Luckily it was a dream =]


Quack said...


i had a lot of stupid+weird+sot dreams also....


they proved my imagination and creativity....

Fevernut said...

i bet they are coming true right now.