Thursday, September 20, 2007

~ Insupportable anguish ~

Suddenly, Dreadfully, I wake up

What has happened??

A mocking light

A sarcastic smile

Is approaching

The examination failed me

Albert Einstein laughed at me

Fifty five marks

Making me a paranoid

A perfect IDIOT!!

Numbers and figures with no solution

I couldn’t solve any equation

Kirchoff’s Law, Fleming Law, Dynamo

Putting me in the maze of imagination

On who I am and what I will become


Fevernut said...

success is when preparation meets opportunity.

perhaps you should worry less about your blog posts, and start focusing on KIRCHOFF LAW!

:-) but who am i to judge you. im the same!

Jia Le said...

Lets work together lo~~
Kirchoff's Law, Ohm's Law~~