Tuesday, January 19, 2010

~ What choices do you have? ~

Life is full of decisions. But I am afraid of making decision, and fear making mistakes.

My friends always tell me, try to think calmly and rationally. Don't take your decision too seriously. (very difficult to me)

I know I have to learn. Learn to accept mistakes, learn to accept total responsibility for my decisions and learn to trust my gut.

Help me my friends. Dont give me more than two choices. >_<


JY said...

hehehe my friend if you willing to open your hardened heart, you shall already know which choices you'll take, then changes for good will fall on your life.

I'm just another ordinary human, but as a friend, if you need anything you can always reach me or just simply leave a msg in MSN.

Quek said...

LoL... appreciate CHOIces~

That leads to variation, differentiation and 'excitement'.


There is no perfect and 100% correct decision.. =p Just make sure it's not a regrettable one.

FoLlOW your heart and do what you want. HOhO

no scare, no scare 塞翁失马嘛。

Fevernut said...

right or wrong, the worst is not making any decision.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone will be giving you more than 2 choices. You will be glad to have a mistake to learn. At least you got a mistake to learn before jumping into another big mistake. Nobody is perfect. Even someone great like our president need to make choices and make mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

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